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Fxgrid for apc40 and ableton live free download sidebrain. There are many people who would love to be using them together, but dont have a clear idea of how this might be done. This is an opensource template for djing with ableton live 8 with an akai apc40. I can map everything with 4 decks but the only thing that gets annoying is you have to hit the tracks to change the parameters of the bottom right 2 rows of knobs. The goal is to provide an easy way to start performing with ableton, while encouraging djs to dig into the software and build their own tools. Apc 40 apc 20 xr 20 mpd 32 mpd 26 mpd 18 lpd 8 ewi usb ewi 4000s rpm 8 rpm 3 eie pro eie e2 head rush. Building upon this original partnership, akai professional now introduces an allnew, reimagined ableton live controllerapc40 mkii. Stage and studioworthy midi pad controller with metal nonslip chassis. Almost every aspect of the original apc40 has been deliberated, reworked, and improved to provide extended controller functionality, countless musical capabilities, and a smarter wor. Reader will marshall sent word that hes updated his dj template for ableton live and the akai apc40. Buy the akai pro apc40 ableton controller at a discount here.

View and download akai apc40 mkii user manual online. Score a copy of ableton suite here apc40 performance template is supported for. Akai apc 40 is one of the most popular controllers for ableton live along side the launchpad. The 8 layer apc40 vj mixer template for vdmx mac vj software. In this manual, you will find instructions on how to connect the apc40 and use its basic features with ableton live akai professional apc edition. Your favorite vu meters, punchins, selectable multi fx and innovative smart mix options have been improved. Akai apc40 mkii dj template free download now available discussion of music production, audio, equipment and any related topics, either with or without ableton live 19 posts. We offer many things that can be found below for the apc units. Isotonik apc40 mkii live performance template ableton. The new standard for live performance templates as an ableton live performance template the isotonik apc40 mkii comes preconfigured and ready to be loaded with audio clips, youll be up and performing in no time extending the versatility of this fantastic controller. Sep 22, 20 thx bro virtual dj is an awesome dj mixing program but for the akai apc 40 and mapping ive had much better luck with deckadance. Apr 12, 2016 the akai apc40 mkii was originally made to by used as a dedicated abelton controller. Im putting my apc40 mkii template device up for download.

Aug 09, 2011 marc wei from the denver colorado ableton user group came to dubspot on wednesday, august 10th for a workshop to present his customized akai apc40 template that creates a consistent environment for stage that is logical and stable. Ive been putting together a step sequencer script for the apc40 mkii. The instrument raised the standards of controller design, revolutionized hardware and software integration, and proved to be an essential performance tool for ableton live users everywhere. The akai apc40 the 40 relates to the number of clip launch buttons was a rare beast when it was launched. Until that point all manners of midi controllers were used with ableton live, each with its own preferred mapping or rudimentary control surface script. Free apc40 template from denver colorado ableton user group. Akai apc40 mkii dj template free download now available. When apc40 mkii is plugged into your computer, its hardware controls correspond 1 to 1 with ableton lives interfaceno additional configuring is required. There are button to assign the timecode to any of the internal decks. It does have a separate power supply in the form of a standard ac adapter, so youll need an outlet and maybe an extension cord, but personally i couldnt care less about that.

To link a controller to a parameter in fl studio, right click the knob or fader, select link to controller, enable auto detect, then press a button on the layout on the apc. Jun 02, 2010 last year, akai dropped a game changer with the apc40, a dedicated controller for ableton live performances. Go to my documents, open up the virtual dj folder, open up the mappers folder, save your current mappers file to another safe location, drop the xml file in and. Now, with a price drop to the apc40 and its new little brother, the apc20, akai has made it even more attractive for djs and aspiring music producers to jump into the ableton live arena. The apc40 mkii incorporates five years of user feedback into its design. There are two options available, either create your own mappings, which we discuss in another tutorial or you download a mapping. Learn more about this template and download for free. Jan 17, 2012 controller layouts allow parameters to be controlled by a group of buttons. In 2009, akai professional collaborated with ableton on the first dedicated ableton controller, the apc40. Fl studio dj performance mode template for apc40 v1. Isotonik apc40 mkii live performance template ableton, max.

It includes momentary effects, fixed clip launch buttons, native looping. These parts include custom parts, pads, lcd screens, buttons, pcb boards, casings, faceplate skins, tutorials, manuals, sample kits, and much more. Ive just released a new performance template for ableton live 9 and the apc40 mkii. The template will be specifically setup for the original apc40. Installing midi remote scripts is easy, download and copy abletons midi remote scripts directory. Mar 12, 2019 ableton dj template apc40 download ableton dj template for the apc40 by will is related to general templates. May 01, 20 download the completed 8 layer apc40 project file and some sample movies to go along with it the akai apc40 is one of the most known midi controllers designed to be used alongside ableton live for djing and music production. Extending the use of your akai apc40 in ableton live, part 1 of 2. Marshall has this to say about his dj template for live. This was a toss up for me between the apc pro 40, apc 40 mkii, or the launchpad, and for me, this is the way to go.

Akai professional akai apc40 mkii setup in ableton live. Because akai professional and ableton designed the apc40 specifically for ableton live, you dont need to map its controls to talk to the software. The akai apc series controllers allow complete control with abelton software. Here you can find the midi templates and information of the midi controllers sold by. Gates reinvents and redefines the apc40, transforming it into a powerful performance tool for ableton live 9. Apc 40 with traktor scratch pro i have taken out the requirement to use a mixer with 4 decks on internal mode.

The 8 faders control the baduda filters audio effect rack you can grab from here. This article walks through how to set up an ableton live dj template with cue capabilities using the akai apc40 and maudio mtrack. The apc40 with fl studio 11s performance mode is not nearly as intuitive, because of three main reasons. Ableton live 8 is both a powerful digital audio workstation daw and an excellent live electronic music performance tool. Gates ableton dj template mapped to the apc40 controller. Mar 12, 2019 the house design ideas team afterward provides the other pictures of ableton dj template apc40 in high definition and best mood that can be downloaded by click on the gallery below the ableton dj template apc40 picture. Home traktor 2 mappings mapping templates all mappings upload mapping info. The apc40 comes with ableton live akai professional apc40 edition software, which is fully functional for performance and production.

The new grandvj cover is a durable plastic overlay, which fits the face of the akai apc40 mkii controller precisely. Apc40 is designed for performance with ableton live. The apc40 is plug and play, so you dont need to install drivers. Communitypowered support for akai professional community. Akai pro apc40 setting up an ableton live dj template. In this tutorial we will show you how to map the apc to work seamlessly within traktor dj software. Just connect your laptop to the apc40 via usb and youre ready to make magic. Jul 23, 2010 this is a demo of will marshalls opensourcefree djing template for ableton live 8 and the akai apc40. After a long hiatus, ive recently released a new version of my unexpectedly popular dj template for ableton and the akai apc40, which was covered on synthtopia in 2010. Its an outof thebox setup, including a bunch of tutorial videos and walkthrough material. Akai apc40 setting up an ableton live dj template akai. Apr 22, 2012 reader will marshall sent word that hes updated his dj template for ableton live and the akai apc40. Its the product of a few months of learning the ins and outs of live and m4l. Owners of standalone editions of ableton live 7 or 8 can also work seamlessly with the apc40.

Ive put together what i feel to be a pretty good dj template. You can download tsi file here learn all essential dj techniques in this kindle. May 22, 20 im partial to using the apc40 for performing, and with ableton, the apc40 is just about idiot proof making everything pretty intuitive out of the box. Gilbots apc 40 mk2 mapping 4 decks with fx, cues, remix decks and much more. Apc40 can also be used in generic mode as a controller with other virtual dj applications that use midi protocol. Now akai has built on this original partnership to introduce a reimagined live performance controller. Based on the push step sequencer and optimized for live performance, this script works alongside the apc s factory functionality, adding a muchneeded dose of live programability and drum sauce to the apc. Ableton dj template apc40 download ableton dj template for. This quickstart guide is intended to give you a brief overview of the functionality and features of the akai apc40 ableton controller.

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