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The star trek expanded universe is an unofficial, fancreated term to describe an extrapolation of events which occur in the star trek universe outside the scope of the television series and feature films. Overmental there are worlds to explore, your journey. Here are 12 stories, characters and events in the star wars expanded universe that even jar jar binks would shake his head at. Subsequent films that take place in the kelvin timeline have very little to do with the prime universe. We believe that it is well put together, informative and one of the best examples of the wikis work. Steu is an encyclopedia and database, like memory alpha or memory beta, except for star trek fanworks instead of canon or licensed works. Voyager series finale endgame, where admiral janeway goes back 27 years to the delta quadrant and secures voyagers earlier return to the alpha quadrant. A further story taking place in the mirror universe, section 31 disavowed, was released in october 2014.

The 23rd century was a century of earths calendar, ranging from the years 2200 to 2299 and comprised of decades from the 2200s to the 2290s. The alterius sexus universe is based off of a page in the star trek comic titled all of me. Looking for timeline order for some star trek novels post nemesis, post ds9, etc. Nov 02, 2018 the definitive chronological viewing order for the star trek cinematic universe by aaron edwards on november 2. Is disney about to destroy the star wars expanded universe. Alternate timeline star trek expanded universe fandom. Berenato continue their look back at the franchises highs and lows, which began with a long time ago. Forces of destiny short out today, and it ties right into solo. The star trek expanded universe is an unofficial, fancreated term to describe an extrapolation of events which occur in the star trek universe outside the scope of the television series. We get to play with all of the iconography of those ships and that universe. The star trek annotated timeline a chronology of the.

Parallels these alternate timelines differ from closed timelines as the events continue to influence the timeline they altered, without external interference. These books are part of the original star wars expanded universe, and follow an internally consistent timeline. Abrams reboot films, about a decade before captain kirks fiveyear mission. The star trek encyclopedia, revised and expanded edition. The star trek annotated timeline began in the late 1970s as an effort to place the original star trek novels published by bantam books, and the star trek log books by alan dean foster, into a logical chronology with the televised episodes of the original series. It was later made playable as the universe temporal heavy dreadnought cruiser. The star wars expanded universe timeline endeavors to present those tales stories which did and did not happen in the star wars universe and have designated the page, infinities, for the latter stories which exist outside of continuity. Discovery will be set in the prime universe so in the timeline of the original shows, not the j. Here are 12 stories, characters and events in the star wars expanded universe that even.

This website is intended for personal use only, under fair use principles of united states law. Does the new star trek timeline have a new mirror universe. Voyager, there is a big deal made about them warping far beyond contact with any federation bases, beause theyre all the way out in the delta quadrant. It is not for comics or short stories in legends continuity. Star treks expanded universe is a glorious mess is it that much better than the star wars eu, or is it all about what we read growing up lee hutchinson jan 18, 2014 5.

In the star trek universe, theres a mirror universe where the federation and our familiar trek characters are basically the opposite of what it is in the main universe. The mirror universe is an example of such an alternate timeline, which has become a primary focus for federation scientists. See the production timeline for a chronological overview of the production history of star trek. Various stardate systems were in use in and around the united federation of planets, including stardates that range from numerals following approximately 200. This is a timeline of galactic history recording the galaxys important events. A number of star trek games take place in the mirror universe or reference it. To me, this indicates that there is a finite area of space that has been explored in the star trek universe up to this point. New movies and other stories arent based on these books, and will sometimes contradict them. Looking for timeline order for some star trek novels post. Ymmv star trek expanded universe if you meant one of those, just click and go. For purists, the other pages on this site remain free of post20 stories.

Distant past 20th century 21st century 22nd century 23rd century 24th century 25th century 26th century 27th century 28th century. Star wars legends, formerly known as the expanded universe abbreviated eu, encompasses every one of the licensed, fictional background stories of the star wars universe, outside of the original six star wars films produced by george lucas and certain other material such as star wars. Star wars has been expanded to media other than the original films. Now, the star trek encyclopedia has been thoroughly revised and redesigned for a new generation of. Thats good news for fans of the novels, which are roughly the star trek version of the slightlybetter known star wars expanded universe of old. Simple star wars book list timeline of star wars novels. Fan fiction timeline star trek expanded universe fandom.

Exploring the star wars cinematic universe and a galaxy far, far away. This story has a crossover from the prime universe. Star trek expanded universe is a fandom tv community. As a rule, star trek makes no effort to maintain continuity outside of its liveaction television series and films in fact, for a while, there was a directive that tieins couldnt reference anything except the liveaction canon.

Although star trek into darkness does include a cameo of spock prime, and star trek beyond mentions his death and features some images from the primeline, we dont feel that they are enough of a plot point in those films to officially. This spinoff material is licensed and moderated by lucasfilm, though during his involvement with the franchise george lucas reserved the right to both draw from and contradict it in his own works. This is the timeline of the star trek series and films in chronological order in universe. All dates are given according to the galactic standard calendar.

The universeclass was introduced in star trek online expansion agents of yesterday, with the appearance of the enterprisej. What could have been, by robin lefler same time frame as the original series, but takes place in the alterius sexus universe. If you see a way to improve this page further, we invite you to contribute. This is a timeline for novels, young adult books, and ebooks in the expanded universe legends continuity. This modern continuity will be referred to here as the star trek litverse.

The star trek trademarks and logos are owned by cbs studios inc. Exploring the star wars expanded universe, editors rich handley and joseph f. Star trek expanded universe is a complete guide to star trek fan fiction, rpgs, and fan films that anyone can edit. New canon the newly standardized star wars canon includes all the movie episodes, the clone wars and rebels tv shows, and new books since.

In both cases, entirely new characters and situations have been developed that exist only. The star trek annotated timeline by win scott eckert c 20012003 iv introduction this timeline began in the late 1970s as an effort to place the original star trek novels published by bantam books, and the star trek log books by alan dean foster, into a logical chronology with the televised episodes of the original series. Packed with highly detailed information, including brief episode and film synopses, no other book has come close to offering the same wealth of insight into the star trek universe. If the federation wanted to destroy the romulan star empire onceandforall, it could. This timeline is organized by chronology, and separated by era, as defined by lucas licensing. The excellent star wars expanded universe timeline joseph bongiorno.

This does not include flashbacks, flashforwards, acts of time travel, or alternate timelines excepting the alternate reality. Such derivative works have been produced concurrently with, between, and after the original, prequel, and sequel trilogies, as. Disney has set about creating its own expanded universe. Unlike the new star wars expanded universe or various other media tiein lines, no star trek novel, comic, or game is considered canon. Instead of a force for good, theyre a force for evil.

Spacedock ship recognition manual 5 the romulan star empire 2006 pdf ds9 the dominion war sourcebook the fires of armageddon 2001 pdf fans are still developing the game universe on the web, providing sourcebooks for voyager, enterprise, cardassians, maquis, pikes era, the movie era, postdominion war, and more. The 12 worst things in the star wars expanded universe. This is a star trek expanded universe featured article. Why disney blew up more than 30 years of star wars canon. From the creation of the universe to the days of kirk and picard, heres your ultimate guide to the entire star trek timeline. If you want to start a timeline startrekexpandeduniverse page, just click the edit button above. Universeclass at memory beta, the wiki for licensed star trek works underside and aft view of the ship x at the.

Two prominent examples of media franchises with an expanded universe are star wars and star trek, which both have a wide range of original novels, comics, video games, and other media that add to the mythology of their fictional universe in different ways. For those puzzled as to why the postdisney buyout titles would be included on a star wars eu timeline, the complete saga page follows the one canon approach, which permits any story that reasonably fits into the expanded universe on the timeline. The star trek universe galaxy shapes itself from the actions of its members. The mirror universe storyline was concluded in the novel rise like lions, released in november 2011. Brazen opportunistic individuals can negotiate a klingoncardassian alliance, shifting the balance of power in their favor. The official star trek website and gateway to the final frontier. The definitive chronological viewing order for the star. The timeline of galactic history spans almost 14 billion years, only a small fraction of which has seen the involvement of races which currently inhabit the region. Bjo trimbles star trek concordance was heavily used as a reference in back in those days, in which this timeline was a handwritten.

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