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Frame relay networks use dlcis to statistically multiplex frames. The dlcis are both learned from the frame relay switch through lmi status messages sent from the switch to the router, and both are active which is the desired state. After completing this chapter, readers will be able to perform the basic frame relay configuration commands with the cisco ios. It operates at the data link layer providing a connectionoriented network. This command also enables frsw to function as a switch connected to a router. Frame relay fragmentation implementation agreement frf. What links here related changes upload file special pages permanent link page information. Include the isp cloud in the topology so that the administrators can visualize where the new frame relay service will connect to your frame relay device or router. Frame relay frame format the maximum information field length should be at least 1600 octets. Frame relay frame relay is a highperformance wan protocol that operates at the physical and data link layers of the osi reference model. Bundling multiple frame relay dlcis into a single link. Dear ciscos guru i will implement a vlan from my headoffice to the branchoffice via frame relay see attachment. Configuring frame relay switching using a global significance approach to dlci assignment. Example 429 configuration files for frame relay switch using global significance addressing.

Frame relay dlci concepts 45183 the cisco learning network. Service providers generally file a tariff with the. Configuring a pointtomultipoint frame relay wan free. Cisco ios widearea networking command reference frame. Basic concepts of frame relay explained in easy language. Dlci 102 is used to communicate from r1 to r2, while dlci 103 is. Cisco frame relay configurations configuring frame relay.

My fr link wont come up and when i do a show int s32 i get the following output. You can also try this on live routers and other network simulators, but the frame relay switch configuration varies. The following command assigns a dlci of 100 to any subinterface. Frame relay forum frame relay, proposed in 1990 by ansi t1. Frame relay is a widearea network with the following features. Data link connection identifier the number of a private or switched virtual circuit in a frame relay network. Troubleshooting frame relay connections with ios debug commands. Frame relay is a layer two protocol that connects networks over long distances. The diagram below of an hdlc frame may be familiar, since without adding specific definitions of how the address, control and crc is used, the diagram is applicable to ibms sdlc, to x. Hello all, when a router dte connects to a sp frame relay switch dce through a serial link, dce will built up a. The frame relay forum takes no position with respect to any claim that has. Read the wikipedia article to learn more about frame relay. You can configure multicast support only on pointtomultipoint link services connections.

Verify the frame relay map statements using the show frame relay map command. A dlci identifies a vc to the equipment at an endpoint. Show information about frame relay and the connections that have been made. Dlci values typically are assigned by the frame relay service provider for example, the telephone company. Local management interface lmi, a technology developed by cisco, is a signaling standard that is used between the routers and frame relay switches. Lmi frame relay refers to the set of extensions as to the protocol of the frame relay. A virtual circuit in frame relay is identified by a number called a data link connection identifier dlci. For the frame relay bearer service, there is no control field in the frame relay frame. Note sometimes the originating node of a vc will be annotated as site a and the terminating node of a vc will be annotated as site b or site z. Instead frame relay ietf or frame relay cisco 2 ways to configure ietf encapsulation. Frame relay is a network service, defined by itut formerly ccitt, ansi and vendor standards, to which switches may connect in order to. Inverse arp allows distant ends of a frame relay link to dynamically discover each other and.

Configure frame relay for the cisco ccna part 1 duration. Pdf establishing frame relay connections using packet tracer. If the value is 1, then the current byte is determined to be the last dlci octet. Scenario your isp has provisioned frame relay pvcs for the international travel agency wan. Frame relay is a protocol used for connecting devices on a wide area network. The frame relay in hex begins with 0x so it would be 0x7c74e1 which turns into 00000000 0111110 0 0111010 0 110 1 this shows that the ea bits are two 0s and one 1 meaning that this address is three bytes. Local significance approach to dlci assignment cisco. How to configure frame relay in cisco packet tracer. There are circumstances when dlcis should be manually assigned. Use the frame relay map command to map an ip address to a dlci statically.

As the administrator, you are responsible for configuring frame relay among regional offices. Usually, dlcis 0 to 15 and 1008 to 1023 are reserved for special purposes. Data is sent in hdlc packets, referred to as frames. Include a frame relay router to show where connectivity will be placed on the isp cloud. The virtual circuit is accomplished in between the dte as well as the corresponding dce. Frame relay is a synchronous hdlc protocol based network. By publication of this frame relay implementation agreement the frame relay forum. And that frame relay switch will take incoming dlci 100 and will switch it to an outbound dlci perhaps 476 on an outbound interface. Frame relay assembler disassembler, by analogy with the pad x. Frame relay is a layer 2 data link widearea networking wan protocol that operates at both layer 1. These are details regarding the frame relay networks status and it basically helps for the extension of the capabilities of the said technology.

Usingtheexamplesinthismanual ifyouwanttousetheexamplesinthismanual,youcanusetheloadmergeortheloadmergerelative command. Verifying frame relay connections with cisco ios show commands. Even though several advanced technologies such as vpn, atm are available today, frame relay still rocks and will be in near future due to its features, benefits and lower cost in comparison with other point to point wan services. The frame relay switches will act as as the dce and a customer equipment will work as the dte. Lmi stands for local management interface, designed to give valuable information. Frame relay configuring a frame relay switch in gns3 part 1 of 1 configuring a frame relay switch in gns3 is very easy.

The configuration files of the frame relay switch for the network depicted in figure 47 with the global significance addressing approach are shown in example 429. Configuring frame relay feature history release modification forinformationaboutfeaturesupportinciscoios software,useciscofeaturenavigator. Located in the frame header, the dlci field identifies which logical circuit the. Dlcis are preloaded into each switch and act as road signs to the traveling frames. Frame relay configuring a frame relay switch in gns3. Remove the previous configuration from r1s serial00 interface and create a pointtomultipoint subinterface and configure it with the correct frame relay maps. Flag delimits the beginning and end of the frame dlci 10bit dlci that represents the virtual connection between the dte device and the frame relay switch cr the cr bit is not currently defined extended address ea used to indicate whether the byte in which the ea value is 1 is the last addressing field. Data link connection identifier a data link connection identifier dlci is a frame relay 10bitwide linklocal virtual circuit identifier used to assign frames to a specific pvc or svc. These are provided typically by an isp, however if you are studying for your ccna. The dlcis to reach these routers are provided below. Figure 155 frame relay wan with virtual circuit and dlci dlcis. What is local management interface lmi in frame relay. Ce protocole est utilise par les fournisseurs dacces pour transmettre des signauxvocaux et numeriques entre reseaux locaux par lintermediaire dun reseau etendu.

It includes a bibliography and a set of www sites with information on frame relay networks. And the clock rate is necessary on the dce end of the connection so we have to put it here but in fact not all ios versions require this, you can check or verify the dce and clock rate with the show. From the html or pdf version of the manual, copy a configuration example into a text file, save the file with a name, and copy the file to a. Frame relay is one of the most popular wan service deployed over the past decade. This tutorial explains how to configure frame relay step by step. Thus, if the framerelay switch is configured correctly, the framerelay interface dlci command could theoretically be removed, and the framerelay connection will still work. Dlci values typically are assigned by the frame relay service provider. Given below are salient features of frame relay dlcis. Decide how many dlci connections you need from your home office to your branch. Whatever option we choose here, we have to use the same option at dte serial 000 interface of router. Frame relay dlcis have local significance, which means that the values themselves are not unique in the frame relay wan. Configure frame relay pointtopoint subinterfaces each router requires two subinterfaces to reach the other routers.

A data link connection identifier dlci is a frame relay 10bitwide linklocal virtual circuit identifier used to assign frames to a specific pvc or svc. Even though there are hundreds of dlcis on the frame relay switch, the dlci from your router perhaps dlci 100 connects to a unique frame relay switch. Figure 155 illustrates a fully meshed all sites with connectivity to each other frame relay wan, with dlci assignments for each location. By including a dlci number in the frame relay header, headquarter can communicate with both branch 1 and branch 2 over the same physical circuit. You mentioned that these commands need to be entered with point to point. Packet tracer configuring frame relay pointtopoint.

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